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7) The Reports must be formatted with 1-inch margins, Times New Roman 12-point font,
Double Spaced and an indication of the end of the document.
8) Each page (except the Title Page) should have a header with the author name and title or
abbreviated title. The header should be 9 pt., Bold, Times New Roman
9) Each page (except the title page) should be numbered and a date may be added. The text
should be 9 pt., Times New Roman, italicized.
10) Make sure the Report cover page is properly formatted. There is no page no. or header/footer
on the title page
11) Papers will also include (but not counted towards page limitation)
TECH 434/534
Spring 2019
Last Updated: 20190223 Page 1 of 3
12) The order of the paper will be; cover page, table of contents, abstract, body of paper (with
section headings), references, appendix(ces).
a) One of the purposes of this report is to have students learn how to use the features of
Microsoft word, which all students get through the NIU Office365 subscription. There
are numerous resources on how to use Word on (which is available through
NIU) and other internet resources.
b) The Auto TOC feature in MS-Word should be used. This means your section headings
and any captions will need to be linked.
13) There will be deductions on the grade for formatting issues or incorrect TOC.
14) Statements of opinion will be identified as such, factual statements must be substantiated
through references, and all direct quotes need to be enclosed within quotation marks and
placed in the mechanical manner acceptable for thesis & dissertations.
15) Students are expected to perform independent research using resources available from the
NIU Library (in addition to any internet searching). Sources need to be “reliable”.
Wikipedia, are not considered reliable.
a) Students are required to use the Endnote citation manager. The online version (referred
to as Endnote Online, Endnote Web or Endnote Basic) is free, while the desktop version,
which has significantly improved capabilities is approximately $100 for a perpetual
licence for that version. I encourage students to get the desktop version as you can use it
for your other classes and when you leave.
b) Proper citations must be provided within the body of the paper. The in-text citation
format will be author-date with CSE or ISO 690 format in the References section. A
general Bibliography may also be provided.
c) Note: a Reference or Cited Work section is NOT the same as a bibliography.
Bibliographies contain general information on a topic but are not specifically relied upon.
There must be a minimum of 10 references identified by the student research from the
primary literature (e.g. books, government reports, journal articles). References from
class cannot apply to this minimum. Some of these should be from the 2010-2019
timespan in order to ensure the most current status on the topic is covered

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