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You explored many events in this module such as movements of independence and reform. The lessons included revolutions, new ways of thinking, and examples of imperialism. Use this knowledge to create an illustrated timeline that highlights five of these events.Steps:Choose one event from each topic below. To make your choices, think about which event you think is most important in each group.Topic Event Choices—choose one from each row. Latin American IndependenceHaitian RevolutionSpanish American Wars of Independence Dominican Republic IndependenceCuban IndependenceNew PhilosophiesIndustrialization in BritainWriting of Adam SmithWriting of Karl MarxWriting of Thomas MalthusWriting of John Stuart MillWriting and “New Harmony” of Robert OwensImperialism“Monroe Doctrine”Sepoy MutinyKorean colonizationBoer WarCrimean WarOpium WarsBoxer RebellionItalian and German UnificationFounding of “Young Italy”Il Risorgimento newspaperGiuseppe Garibaldi appointed generalSeven Weeks’ WarFranco-Prussian WarZollvereinRecent MovementsIndependence movement of one of the following—Algeria, Belize, Kenya, LibyaMeiji RestorationNegritude MovementProgressive MovementSocial reform of one of the following—Abolition, Education, Health, Unions, Temperance, Women’s SuffrageWrite a summary paragraph for each of the five chosen events. Each paragraph should answer the questions:What happened?Where?When? Why? How is the event significant to history? Does it connect to other events on the timeline? If so, explain how. At least three of your selected events must connect to others on the timeline.Select a representative image for each event. Include the images in your timeline. Be sure to cite your sources of information and give credit to the source of each image used.You may organize your illustrated timeline in a variety of ways.

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