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HST 101-Final Paper Assignment
DUE: Wednesday April 17
The following are topics that have been covered throughout our discussion of Western Civilization. Select
ONE of the following topics for your final paper and read the assigned primary source materials. No outside
research should be done for this paper. Use only the primary source readings provided, your textbook, and
class notes to respond to the questions. Develop a clear thesis statement or argument about your topic, and then
use the readings and the questions provided to help develop your argument and write your paper.
Paper Requirements:
-must be at least 1500 words (about 6 full pages double spaced, 3 single spaced) and may go as long as you
see fit
-be sure to answer all parts of the question and refer to all the readings in your paper
-no need for a title page or a bibliography/works cited page
-write a clear introduction that introduces and informs your reader of the overall topic
-state your thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph
-make sure each paragraph has its own topic
-be aware of your transitions-use transition words, phrases and sentences
-wrap it all up in your conclusion-do not just rewrite or reword your introduction
-make sure you answer all the questions and use and cite each source in the paper
-use the past tense for history papers!!
-avoid using I or YOU
-make sure you proofread your paper or have someone read it over for you-go to the Rudin Center! Points will
be deducted for excessive grammar and spelling errors
*if you want me to look at an outline or draft of your paper, the latest you can email it to me is April 10
-paper is due before midnight on Wednesday, April 17
-the paper must be submitted electronically on Blackboard-the link is under Course Materials (no paper will be
accepted by email so make sure Blackboard is working)
-late papers start to lose points after midnight-no excuses. I suggest submitting the paper early. If you have
trouble signing in to Blackboard, email me the paper before the deadline and then contact the Help Desk.
-you do not need to submit a printed copy of your paper
For this paper, you may use the simple MLA style for citations. When you use a quote or a phrase from one of
the readings, indicate the source in parenthesis at the end of the sentence. Since there are no page numbers,
putting the author or title of the reading is enough for me to know where you got the information from.
The journey of the Mayflower took 66 days and when they landed they were 600 miles off course (Aboard the
If you take information from the textbook, put the author and the page number at the end of the sentence, like
this- (Stearns, 41).
Using Quotes:
-after you use a quote, explain it-why are you including this quote, what does it show you?
-don’t just put a quote and end a paragraph or an idea
-avoid LONG quotes
-instead, try using shorter and more meaningful quotes
-don’t quote something you can put in your own words or paraphrase
-make sure you put a citation after ALL use of quotes, paraphrasing, and numbers taken from source
**Remember plagiarism on papers will result in a 0 for the paper and will be reported to the Dean’s office**
4. Holocaust
The Holocaust was one of the worst atrocities in modern European history. What was the Holocaust and what
were some of the main reasons it occurred? What did the Nazis think of Jews? What were some of the atrocities
the Nazis committed against the Jews? What was their goal in doing this? How were the Nazis punished? Is it
fair to punish only Nazi leadership for the atrocities, or should more people be blamed? Why or why not?
Hitler’s First Anti-Semitic Writing
Nazi Occupation of Poland:
Account of Mass Shooting:
Inside a Nazi Death Camp:
Testimony from Auschwitz
American Liberation of Dachau (lots of typos)

Liberators: Dachau Liberation by Chuck Ferree

Nazi War Criminals

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