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1. Write on the “World War II”. Topic must include: With so many problems at home, should the United States have been more involved with the growing threat in Europe? If we had, would it have made a difference? Could Roosevelt have prepared America better for the coming war? How did Roosevelt get us into the War? Why were Japanese-Americans interned and not German-Americans or Italian-Americans? Since we were attacked by Japan, why was our main effort concentrated in Europe? How did the War end? Who win the War?2. Write on the “New Deal”. Topic must include: How did Roosevelt hope to end the Depression in America? Could government solve such a problem? Why did the people turn to the federal government to solve this problem instead of local or state governments? Why did the Supreme Court find some of the New Deal programs unconstitutional? What was the intent of the Social Security Program? How was the New Deal going to pay for all these programs? Did the New Deal end the Depression?

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