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: Facility Planning—Floor Plan, Part 1 The construction of evidence-based health care facilities includes careful planning and layout as well as considerations for the health of the population to be served. Evidence-based health care facilities planning also needs input from a cross-functional team of informed stakeholders and the integration of best practices in modern design and regulatory requirements. This week you will focus on your facility’s structure and the areas contained within it. Next week you will add assets to your facility. Create a floorplan that includes at least 3 to 5 distinct areas or rooms. You will be responsible for adding environmental design elements each week. Your final floor plan is due in Week 5. Note: You are not expected to manually draw all elements of your design. Using images, clipart, graphics, icons, symbols, or any other visual tools in your design is acceptable. Consider the following elements and add them to your facility as appropriate: Facility structureWallsDoorsHallwaysWaiting areasOther related structural componentsFacility areasCustomer service and amenitiesReception desk, bathroom, shower, vending machine, etc.Patient consultation areasClinical support areasNurses station, charting areas, etc.Administrative officesBuilding supportLaundry, generator facilities, housekeeping, etc. Diagnostic and treatment space equipment and locationMechanical equipment Space for laboratory equipment, radiology equipment, gases like oxygen, and suctions Write a 175- to 350-word response to the following questions: Describe the steps you took to complete the structure and areas of your facility.Describe any successes or challenges you faced this week building your facility.Include a print screen of your facility below. Use the instructions provided if you need help adding a print screen. Include a print screen of your facility in the last page of the paper. Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar reference.

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