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“Professional Format and Style” How you do anything is how you do everything. – T. Harv Eker (from Secrets of the Millionaire Mind) This
course is a mixture of learning a new format (business style) and
adapting your English language skills to a different audience. Business
communication relies equally on format (how you communicate) and content
(what you say). Please respond to the following: In
one brief paragraph (4-8 sentences) discuss the Eker quote as it
pertains to your professional experience and the material for Week 2.
a second paragraph, explain why it is important to follow standard
formats of various types of business communications. Include an example
of a format you believe is very effective and why.
After you post your response to the above questions, don’t forget to reply to another student’s response as well to help the discussion
move along. You can also respond to other topics your instructor will
post in this discussion thread throughout the week.

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