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300-400 Words: MLA Formatting (See link here)Header and any pasted links are not part of word count、Week 1: Considering what we have discussed this week (grit is plural/growth mindset): What motivates you? What is the boost or drive within that makes you say in the morning- “I want to go to class?” How do you maintain this engagement? What discourages you? To help get you started, you may write about any or all of the suggestions below:Positive stimuli that keep you movingObstacles that you have to face on a daily basisHow do you view failure?What is one small thing that could improve your performance compared to yesterday? Or last quarter?Example from TED rangeEntry demonstrates in-depth engagement with prompt and course materials. Concisely addresses prompt by making nuanced connections between course readings, lecture topics, and personal experience. May even pose further questions, drawing out implications of course material in an original way.BrangeEntry displays understanding of prompt. Addresses prompt by making clear (but perhaps general) connections between course readings, lecture topics, and/or personal experiences.C rangeEntry proves student has read course materials and is aware of general questions and themes of class, but may only address the specific week’s prompt tangentially or superficially. Difficult to identify connections entry is making between course readings, lecture topics, and personal experience. Entry may even struggle or fail to meet word requirement.D& belowNo work submitted before deadline or any part of entry violates academic integrity policies. Violation of academic integrity may also result in failure of course and further disciplinary sanctions.

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