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You are the Information Security Officer of Mahtmarg Manufacturing a small manufacturing company worth approximately $5 Million who provides fiber cable to local businesses, individual customers and to government organizations. In the course of the next eight weeks you will be creating your Information Security Plan (Issue-Specific Security Policy in Table 4-3 of the textbook) step by step using this scenario. Your Task Step 4: Develop the Systems Management section of your ISP In this week’s Lab you will develop the section on Systems Management which focuses on the user’s relationship to systems management and the responsibilities delegated to both users and systems administrators to avoid confusion. This includes: Authentication and Encryption System Administrator Responsibilities User Responsibilities Auditing Configuration

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Table 4-3
Elements of a Typical ISSP
1 Statement of Purpose
a. Scope and Applicability
b. Definition of Technology Addressed
c. Responsibilities
2 Authorized Uses
a. User Access
b. Fair and Responsible Use
c. Protection of Privacy
3 Prohibited Uses
a. Disruptive Use or Misuse
b. Criminal Use
c. Offensive or Harassing Materials
d. Copyrighted, Licensed, or Other Intellectual Property
e. Other Restrictions
4 Systems Management
a. Management of Stored Materials
b. Employer Monitoring
c. Virus Protection
d. Physical Security
e. Encryption
5 Violations of Policy
a. Procedures for Reporting Violations
b. Penalties for Violations
6 Policy Review and Modification
a. Scheduled Review of Policy
b. Procedures for Modification
7 Limitations of Liability
a. Statements of Liability
b. Other Disclaimers

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