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You have just realized your lifelong dream of becoming Director of either the Center for Disease Control (CDC) or the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). You get to choose which one. You now have the authority to direct funding towards a particular policy that addresses a critical health system or public health need in the US.Describe some specifics about the policy/program you would fund and also advocate objectively for why it is deserving of the nation’s tax dollars. In supporting your position, be sure to incorporate and define, in your own words, a couple of the economic (not insurance) terms covered in the course. (Suggested minimum length of response: 2 well-structured paragraphs)2)Select one of the following (recent) Perusall readings: The Challenges Of High-Deductible Plans For Chronically Ill People or Data Note: Public’s Experiences With Electronic Health RecordsBriefly summarize the reading in a few sentences. Then show that you can identify and understand the economic challenges stressed throughout this course by discussing specifically how at least two of them relate to the information presented in the article you chose. Lastly, comment on either the results of the article or whether you agree or disagree with the authors’ recommendation(s). In doing so, be sure to support your view with objective information and not personal opinion. (Suggested minimum length of response: 3 paragraphs) the link is below.…3)From purely a financial perspective, why might government officials prefer that a for-profit health system operate in their city rather than a nonprofit system? (Suggested minimum length: 2 sentences)

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