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1000-1500 wordsExplain an ethical dilemma that you’ve faced in your life and the choice you eventually made.Important note: This is not an argumentative Essay; instead, this is an explanation and so will be narrative in form rather of argumentative. This is intended to be a more fun writing assignment. One of the main grading criteria will be on style, meaning crafting elegant sentences and using sensory detail and figurative language, such as metaphor and simile. My objective is to help you hopefully enjoy the writing of this and appreciate creating beautiful prose. This assignment requires you to answer a key question: What is an ethical dilemma? Start by defining both parts of the term ethical dilemma. Consider developing explanations for types of ethical dilemmas. For a definition of dilemma, review the many examples in the chapter and infer a definition; review also what the Velasquez et al. (of the Markkula Center) writes on the matter. In relating your experience, be sure to identify all participants in the dilemma and their stakes in the outcome, the issues or values in conflict, the course of action you chose, and the ramifications of that choice. Try to bring real richness to your explanation. Help your readers feel the tension of a difficult decision. Suggestions for Developing the Assignment:Develop your explanation systematically, remembering throughout that you’re a storyteller. Be true to your experience, but at the same time think of your readers. Dilemmas involve conflict; conflict creates tension. How do you plan to create tension for readers so that they’ll want to keep reading and learn what you did (or did not do)? How vividly can you describe the participants?Provide the who, when, and where of the situation.What was the dilemma? Why was it a dilemma? To answer this question, provide a definition of dilemma.How did this dilemma involve ethics? To answer this question, start with a clear definition of ethics—and you can draw on sources in the chapter, including the chapter introduction, to do so.What choices did you have?Devote a paragraph or two to discussing the choice you made when faced with the dilemma. There’s no need to analyze that decision—assessing whether or not you did the right thing. Instead, focus on your choice. Because this is a dilemma, which means there were (at least) two courses of action open to you, discuss the tension involved in making that choice. What forces were in play—for instance, religious or parental training/rules, the advice of friends or teachers, the expectations of coaches?9Keep in mind that this brief paper is an explanation—not an analysis of your decision or a consideration of whether or not you did the right thing. The success of this paper is based on how carefully you can present your experience in a way that enables readers to appreciate an ethical dilemma. In defining this dilemma, draw on the sources in Part One Chapter 11. Be sure to set up your references to those sources (which can be summaries, paraphrases, or quotations) using an appropriate MLA in-text citation format and included on your Works Cited page.1000-1500 Words 2-3 Pages

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