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Answer the following questions (copy and paste them into your document). Answer each question thoroughly, Use 7- 8 sentences for each question, more is allowed if more explanation is needed. Please APA CITE all the answers 😀 Please read each question carefully 😀 1. What is the global trend regarding the amount of forest cover over the past 100 years or so (try to find actual numbers such as acres, sq. km)? What is the long-term trend the United States? Brazilian Amazon? Use scholarly (reputable) sources to answer this question. Use principles of economics (especially property rights, benefits vs. costs) to discuss the major causes of deforestation in the Amazon. Do not confuse the symptoms with the actual cause(s). (40 points) 2.Provide an example of and describe one real-world market-based approach to fisheries management. How is the outcome from a market-based approach different (effectiveness, incentives) than when the fishery was under a traditional regulatory (command and control) approach? Be specific in your answer. Use reputable sources for your information, properly cite them, and include at least one reference (APA format). (40 points) 3. What is the relationship between maximum sustained yield and maximum economic yield for renewable resources? Address what this relationship indicates for profit-maximization over the long-term. (20 points)

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