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1)For the first essay, select an argument related to the origins of zombies. This essay must not merely be an informative essay, but must be an argument. Below are a few suggestions:•Similarities between zombies and other cultures’ undead mythologies•Similarities and differences between African and Haitian zombie cultures•Influence of Haitian roots on derived zombie genre within the U.S.•Differences between zombies in movie/TV show XYZ and their origins.•Today’s representation of zombies is a combination of several mythical creatures. These are just some examples, and while you are welcome to develop one of the above ideas further, feel free to explore other ideas as well.Your essay must show your own critical thinking, supported with information from scholarly sources.2)Assignment: Rhetorical Analysis & Outline Essay 1I have attached the example and writing outline file so that it would be easy for you

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