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“American ‘Multilingualism’: A National Tragedy” by Franklin Raff
“It’s Time for Miami to Embrace Bilingualism” by Phillip M. Carter

I need to analyze and synthesize these 2 articles in 1750 words but 1500 is okay. 

Grading Criteria

Does your introduction present the main idea or question you plan to focus on?
Do you effectively summarize the texts?
Is your thesis clear, specific, and easily identifiable?
Analytical Section:

Is your analysis clear?
Does it show that you have wallowed in the complexity of your texts?
Does it map out and explain a number of important similarities and differences in your texts?
Does it include relevant points about the rhetorical features of the text?

Synthesis Section:

Is it clear how the texts and their authors have influenced your own thinking on the problem?
Does your synthesis show your informed, independent thinking?
Do you convey something that is new, surprising, or somehow risky/arguable?

Is your style and tone appropriate for your purpose? Is the essay well-written, grammatically and mechanically?
Do you show an understanding of paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing?
Have you cited sources appropriately using MLA style?

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