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APA format 10 page paper on executive leadership theory (not including title page and reference page). You must use the following outline and page allocation. Page 1-—Examine a brief history of executive leadership —Introduce the reader to the modern workforce —Brief synopsis of what the paper will entailExecutive Leadership TheoriesTransformational Leadership (2 Page) -Transactional vs. Transformational -History (James MacGregor Burns) Leader-Member Exchange Theory (2 Page)-In Group vs. Outgroup-Parallels to modern day organizationsAdaptive Leadership (2 Page)-Leadership vs. Authority -Modern utilization by CEOs Strengths Based Leadership (2 Page)-Identification and leverage of strengths -Activation of strength based leadershipConclusion (1 Page)-Brief Discussion of the best leadership theory and personal preference (Transformational) -Conclusion and brief summarization of previous work

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