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1- feedback on report 2Please remember that you are doing the project for the Texas based company so avoid and delete all information concerning to the Chinese company with the similar nameYou have all the information needed to develop the power point presentation so it will be a matter of allocating the information. I made available on BB the information concerning the report 3 and the first draftThe next report is related to the entry mode. My suggestion is to enter with an exporting mode or a Joint venture to set a distribution office to offer the bottled iced tea in retail stores.2-Progress Report 3After receiving feedback concerning report 2, please work with your team to prepare a 1-page report that contains the followingb) Potential implementation and timelineYou can review the International Strategy chapter for the proper entry mode: the entry mode i chose is ExportingExportingFranchisingStrategic Alliance/Joint VentureAcquisitionWholly Owned Subsidiary

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