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Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
Research Topic
Oil and natural gas production in UAE has significant impact on the economy however in recent times sustainability in oil use has
increased in UAE leading to need for economic diversification
SUPPORT Section 1
Economic benefits of oil
Idea 1
Contribution to GDP
Idea 2
Source of income
Idea 3
Economic growth
Idea 4
Competitive advantage
Idea 1
The oil and gas industry forms a huge part of the GDP of UAE, however, due to economic diversification,
30% of the Emirati diversification comes from the extraction and importing of the crude oil and the natural
gas production (Harrison, 2015)
Idea 2
Most of the Emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai now depend on petrodollars that have made the
Emirates to be one of the richest economies in the world. 60% of the income in the country comes from the
secondary sector (Inglesi-Lotz, 2016)
Idea 3
In terms of economic growth, it has been seen that there are many Emirates that entirely dependent upon
the oil and gas sector for the economic development and in Emirates such as Abu Dhabi and Dubai, there
reliance of the economy is entirely on the export of crude oil and the oil based revenues
Idea 4
It has been found that UAE is one of the riches countries in the world and the focus on being the greatest
supplier and manufacturer of crude oil makes the economy to have competitive advantage over other
countries. The competitive advantage gained by UAE is through depending on the tertiary sector and the
manufacturing sector and that has made the economy to emerge as the ‘go-to’ country in the global
Idea 5
Idea 5
Considering the fact that most of the companies in UAE are relying on the oil and gas sector, it can be
added that majority of the population in UAE are employed in this sector. 78% of the workforce in UAE is
employed in the secondary and tertiary sector that is composed of oil and gas extraction in the UAE
economy (Bizawu & Gomes, 2016)
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
SUPPORT Section 2
Environmental issues with use of oil
Idea 1
Carbon dioxide emission
Idea 2
Pollution of nearby water bodies
Idea 3
Waste dumping
Idea 4
Oil spills
Idea 1
In 2015, it had been found that the energy sector in UAE had led to 50% of the emission of carbon dioxide
in UAE. Major part of the emission had been from Abu Dhabi that has the reserve of 95% of the oil
reserves in UAE and 92% of the natural gas reserve (Mohaddes & Pesaran, 2017)
Idea 2
It has been found that in UAE, there are growing concerns of the impact of oil production has been on the
nearby water bodies in UAE. All the wastes and the remaining of the oil production has been found to be
dumping in the nearby water body and the biggest impact has been felt on the Arabian Gulf
Idea 3
The waste dumping has been a major concern in UAE regarding the dumping of the chemical wastes that
has also created impact on the environment that has become a major cause of concern. The problem with
the dumping of the uranium waste that is creating environmental concerns in UAE
Idea 4
It has been seen that is the last decade, the oil spilling from the ships that are used for exporting the oil
from UAE to other nations, has increased. Oil spills from the ships carrying crude oil has affected the
beach and the coastal area in UAE. The oil slick washed offshore has also put the life of the sea and beach
animals in danger.
Idea 5
SUPPORT Section 3
Idea 5
The biggest risk with oil is that of sustainability. It has been found that oil is a source of non renewable of
energy and that considering the amount of oil exports that is going on in UAE to other nations, it is
estimated that in next 40 years, the oil reserves in the country would be exhausted.
Future trends with oil
Idea 1
Idea 2
Post oil transition
Idea 1
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
Idea 3
Emphasis on sustainability
Idea 4
Environment protection
Idea 5
Drop in oil prices
It has been seen that UAE economy is turning towards economic diversification by reducing the economic
dependence on the oil and natural gas reserves. There is diversification in areas such as education, tourism,
health sector for economic diversification.
Idea 2
There is a period of post oil transition noted in UAE regarding the transition from depending on oil and
exports to trade of other edible and other products in the food and beverage industry
Idea 3
The emphasis is also on promoting the use of natural gas in UAE in order to ensure that the oil reserves d
not exhaust in future.
Idea 4
As per the directives of the Official portal of the UAE Government, a body legislations have been formed
for protecting the environment from waste dumping from oil and to restrict oil spills in UAE
Idea 5
It has been found that in recent time, the UAE Government has been facing crisis due to the dip in the oil
prices. This has been due to the decreased dependence of the USA on UAE for the oil supply
Bizawu, K., & Gomes, M. F. (2016). Oil exploitation at Virunga park as a threat to the environment and to endangered animal species. Veredas do Direito ,
13, 11.
Harrison, R. (2015). Pollution: causes, effects and control. Royal Society of Chemistry. , 33-47.
Inglesi-Lotz, R. (2016). The impact of renewable energy consumption to economic growth: A panel data application. Energy Economics , 53, 58-63.
Mohaddes, K., & Pesaran, M. H. (2017). Oil prices and the global economy: Is it different this time around? Energy Economics , 315-325.
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
A) Planning the rhetorical situation:
1. Identification of the commodity
a. What is the information you want the readers to learn about this commodity?
b. What is the impact of this commodity on the environment and/or society?
a. The commodity of concern, in this case, is Oil. The primary information which is tired to
be conveyed to the readers regarding the concerned commodity is the level of toxicity
which usage of oil brings on the environment and the harmful and polluting impacts which
the excessive usage of oil creates on the global scenario as a whole (Stern, 2018). The
purpose of the essay is also to make people aware of the global scarcity of non-renewable
resources like oil and thereby discussing the ways in which the usage of the same can be
b. Oil is one of the scare and primary non-renewable fuels that is extensively used by
human beings across the world. However, oil also counts among the top pollutants of the
environment in the international context. Oil contamination is a common problem in
water-bodies and one litre of oil has the capability to contaminate nearly one million litres
of water (Pitchel, 2016). Apart from that, there are also other devastating effects of oil
pollution that include the harmful effects on animals, the prevention of photosynthesis of
plans and the overall lowering of air quality. Apart from the same oil contamination, also
have immensely harmful impacts on wildlife and on human beings in general. Oil spill
makes water undrinkable and unfit for irrigation purposes. Oil spill also coats grounds and
soils, which can kill organisms that are crucial for maintaining the ecological balance. All
these factors indicate the harmful effects on the environment, society and human lives in
general (Trathan, et al., 2015).
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
2. Identification of the audience
a. Whom do you want to persuade?
b. Consider the age, gender, language, culture, religion, level of education, economic class, geographic location, and/or other
circumstances of your audience.
c. Is this audience hostile, sympathetic and/or neutral to your message? Why?
a. The essay aims to create awareness regarding the harmful effects of oil on the
environment as a whole. For the same, the essay wants to persuade all the residents of the
country as well as the global population.
b. The specific audience for the essay is expected to be consisting of people of age from 10
years and above, of both the genders male and female. The audience of the concerned essay
includes those who can read English and have at least the basic level of education to
comprehend the aspects talked about in the essay. The audience can be from any socioeconomic class and located in the country as well as outside the country.
c. The audience is expected to be sympathetic or at least neutral to the message conveyed
by the concerned essay. This is because with time and with increased threats of
environmental degradation of different forms, people across the globe are becoming
increasingly aware of the problems of degradations and are also becoming enthusiastic
about preserving the environment. With the concepts of sustainability and eco-friendly
attitudes becoming popular, the essay expects the audience to be sympathetic to its
3. Purpose
a. What are your argument and position?
b. What is the message you want to convey to this audience?
c. Why do you wish to convey this message? What do you hope will be achieved?
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
a. The argument of the essay is that usage of oil for any production, manufacturing or
household purpose should be reduced to the minimum and with time, the population needs
to shift to alternative and renewable resources. The essay wants to take a declarative
position for explaining the same.
b. The message that the essay wants to convey to the targeted audience is that oil has
immense negative impacts not only on the environment or society as a whole but also on
the human lives across the globe. By saying the essay also wants to convey the fact that
shifting to alternative renewable resources is of immense importance (Rekadwad &
Khobragade, 2015).
c. The essay wants to convey these messages with the aim of creating more awareness
regarding the harmful effects that the usage of oil brings on the environment as a whole.
The essay will be written with the hope of achieving more sympathetic views of the
audience and a change in the patterns of usage of oil as well as a shift from non-renewable
to renewable resources.
4. Strategy
a. How do you plan to affect your audience emotionally?
b. How do you plan to appeal to your audience’s sense of logic?
c. Do you plan to use ethos? How?
a. The essay wants to use the instances of harms caused by oils on the plants, animals,
nature, agriculture and human lives as examples affect the audience emotionally. To get to
their emotional side the instances of deaths caused by oil spill, how over the period animals
are dying, deforestation is taking place and water pollution is creating harms on marine
lives will be used.
b. To appeal to the sense of logic of the audience the essay will put forward the effects that
can happen to the world as a whole and to human beings in specific if, usage of oil is not
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline
reduced. The essay will also aim to appeal to the logic of the audience by keeping in front of
them the question of their survival and well-being if environmental degradation due to oil
goes on in the same pace as in the current scenario.
c. Ethos can be used by basing the discussions on the evidence present in these aspects. The
ethos will also be on based on the assertions of experienced environmentalists and their
5. Research
a. List of academic sources that will inform your argument
b. List of references in APA style
a. Resources will consist of authentic academic journal articles, news articles, books,
environmental resources and databases.
Pitchel, J. (2016). Oil and gas production wastewater: soil contamination and pollution
prevention. Applied and environmental soil science.
Rekadwad, B. N., & Khobragade, C. N. (2015). A case study on effects of oil spills and tar-ball
pollution on beaches of Goa (India). Marine pollution bulletin , 100(1), 567-570.
Stern, D. I. (2018). The environmental Kuznets curve. In Companion to Environmental
Studies . ROUTLEDGE in association with GSE Research. , 49-54.
Trathan, P. N., García‐Borboroglu, P., Boersma, D., Bost, C. A., Crawford, R. J., Crossin, G. T., et
al. (2015). Pollution, habitat loss, fishing, and climate change as critical threats to
penguins. Conservation Biology , 31-41.
Gen 145
Research Paper Outline

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