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All the description can be found in the file attached.Economics Related Please read instructions carefully.The assignment should be same as the exemplar that I included in the file

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Part 1: ( Read part 2 to understand part 1 ) and look at the exemplar below

Produce a template for their final document layout, format, and structure
Develop a structure for presenting case content
Initiate Content
Conduct research and develop a reference list
Find 4 sources related to the case (with bibliography)
(Report Template Exemplar) – The assignment should be the same as the Exemplar
Linkedin’s “The Wicked Easy Way to Create a Table of Contents in Word”
Read the instruction carefully:
Part 2 (The CASE) :Calculations must be done to include it in the report ( look at the exemplar)
Part 2 will be the part which you will gather the information and put it in the Template/Shell

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