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You have been exposed to two different approaches to government and the economy, one is the interventionist approach in which the government is expected to manage and guide the economy, like a drum major leading a marching band. The other approach is for a minimally interventionist government that sets basic rules but keeps out of the economy for the most part like the manger of an ice skating rink. Thinking about this semester’s materials and also looking at Romans 13 and 1 Samuel 8, which approach do you prefer and which approach do you think the United States follows? (Note: the answer for the second part is probably mixed, but describe what you see).200-300 wordsUtilize the required readings as a base, cite appropriate examples/principles from the texts and include a minimum of two academic peer reviewed scholarly articles that bring depth and insight to the dialogue. Write simply, concisely, and with goals to understand and inform.Modern Principles of Economics, 3rd Edition (New York: Worth Publishers, 2016), Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrock.

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