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********* please respond to discussion below, add citation and references 🙂 *******Natural disasters can be devastating to people within the community. Spiritual care is necessary for individuals within the disaster; including community members and health care providers. Regardless of religion or cultural practices, supporting the entire community spiritual well-being is needed to withstand and recover a public emergency. Different cultures will have different ways to approach a stressful event. Some might be very quiet and non-verbal to hold in their feelings. Some individuals will react hysterically (out of self-control) to express their inner emotions (Falkner, 2018). If language is a barrier for the individual, an interpreter should be used to enhance communication. The role of the public health nurse is to maintain composure and deliver compassionate care to all indiviual with respect. PHN can assist with spiritual care by listening and allowing the individual to grief by crying or praying. Any kind gestures from the nurse can provide emotional support. Beyond caring for survivors, the PHN also need to provide self-care and have an outlet source to release stressful feelings. PHNs need to know when to seek professional support from their colleagues; it can be a healthy way to cope. Teamwork is crucial in an emergency response effort to reduce burnouts and traumatic stress (CDC, 2019).ReferencesCenter for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2019). Care For Each Other. Retrieved from,…Falkner, A. (2018). Disaster Management. Retrieved from,…

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