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2.5-3 pgs. single spaced Times New Roman font. Rubric is attached. Due by 3:55 PM today!!

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Grading Rubric
Written portion (by yourself)- 87 points
Main ideas of the book- Provide a clear concise summary of the book.
How the author(s) of the book approaches stress management, mental,
emotional and/or spiritual health.
Information that you have learned. Will you use this information in your own
life? Why or why not?
Would you recommend this book? Why or why not?
Any other appropriate and interesting things you might include
Length- should be total 2.5 – 3 pages single spaced Times New Roman size 12
Presentation (with your partner)- 48 points
Visual aid (no powerpoint or use of computer- can be a poster or handout)
Clear presentation of material
Facilitate discussion with class
Time- must be between 12-15 minutes

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