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1. address the following questions: In your response, you need to define an ‘ethical dilemma’ and corruption and identify at least four(4) types of police ethical dilemmas and at least three(3) different acts of corruption that were occurring in the New York Police department leading up to the Knapp Commission. Can the widespread police corruption outlined in the Knapp Commission occur again? Finally, what steps are in place to make sure this type of corruption does not occur again? Your response should be at least 5 paragraphs (one to answer question, one for defining ethical dilemma and corruption, one for the four (4)types of ethical dilemmas, one for the three (3)acts of corruption and one for the steps in place to make sure this does not occur again)2.You decide if Sergeant Murphy had a ‘right’ to release the graphic photos of the accused Boston Marathon bomber. Was it within his police discretion? Why or why not?(BOSTON MARATHON CASE)

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