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Discussion question:What is racial ideology? What is a racialized social system? What are some of the key features of white racial ideology? What does race have to do with power? Use quotes from the articles to help articulate the central points of the readings. The articles to refer to are:1) Read Bonilla-Silva, E. (2003). Racial attitudes or racial ideology? an alternative paradigm for examining actors’ racial views. Journal of Political Ideologies, 8(1), 63-822) Eduardo Bonilla-Silva. More than Prejudice: Restatement, Reflections, and New Directions in Critical Race Theory. Sociology of Race and Ethnicity January 2015 1: 73-87.Both articles can be found at this site: T=Additiona InstrustionsThis has to be done in APA FORMATError FreeThe ideas have to make sense.

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