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after reading Chapters IV-VI of Watchmen, you’ll be participating in a discussion with your peers about the significance of some of the images or scenes. Below is a PowerPoint with 4 images. This time, you will discuss all four images. For each image, indicate which image number it is (1-4), and why it’s significant.Please avoid merely summarizing what was happening in the scene. Instead, explain why it’s important. Also, if you have finished reading Watchmen or seen the film, please avoid any spoilers for your peers who have not completed it yet. Also, keep in mind the film is quite different from the book, so you cannot watch the film instead of completing the reading.

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Chapters IV-VI
Prompt: What is the significance
behind each image?
Image #1 (Chapter IV)
Image #2 (Chapter V)
Image #3 (Chapter VI)
Image #4 (Chapter VI)

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