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DiscussionSearch “” or your textbook. Discuss what role end-users typically play in incident reporting? Should end users be encouraged to report suspicious occurrences? If so, why; if not, why not. What factors typically influence the end-user decision to report (or not report) a potential incident?Reply 1:-Role of End-Users in Incident ReportingEnd users are necessary for every organization or business that plays an important role in reporting an incident. To carry out works in an organization or firm, incident reporters are needed. There will be a lot of problems and issues arising in organizations. So, to prevent all these problems at the initial stage only, end-users have to participate actively to report the incident. From this incident report, the managers will look after the issue and takes steps accordingly and solve the case properly. Many problems arise while production occurs. This can be prevented with efficient incident reporters (Sittig, 2012).All the important points have to be noted clearly to investigate the case. They have to respond quickly in time to make justice for further functioning. For example, in the food industry, the proper guidelines are to be followed for a better outcome. If any incident or fire accident happens, the incident has to be reported by end-users and submit the report to higher authorities in proper time. The death of people, injured people and assets are to be noted in detail to make justice to the victims and factories. Insurance coverage can be provided to the victims if proper details of the incident are mentioned (Choo, 2011).There will be various templates available to clearly mention the issues happened. The templates are designed in such a manner that will provide all the clear information about the patient, incident, damage of assets in a clear descriptive manner. The witness information is also necessary to make the case strong and make justice in the correct way. If any road accident occurred, the name of the person, vehicle registration number, witness details, time and location has to be clearly mentioned to the road and transport department. They will cross verify the case and make a judgment and will announce ex gratia for the loss. So, incident reporters are needed in every field to cover the individual losses as well as organization losses. The end-users involvement is required to meet the organization or company’s goals and run successfully (Safa, 2016).Reply 2:-Incident reporting is defined as the necessary steps the organization takes to inform system administrators and users about abnormal events on their networks / computer. The incident report is a collaborative action that involves different people. In this essence, end users in a network / computer system have the function of reporting abnormal events in the system. First, the end user provides first-hand information about the suspicious event in the network / computer system. In most cases, end users are the first people to find suspicious threats in a computer network; and therefore, they are ingenious when it comes to reports. At another point, end users are in a better position to identify failed systems or malicious codes. This identification helps to the pertinent authorities, such as the system administrators to act with the speed and to carry out the normal operation of the computer system or to minimize the impacts of malicious codes. (Pronovost, P. J., Holzmueller, C. G., Young, J., Whitney, P., Wu, A. W., Thompson, D. A., & Morlock, L. L. (2007))However, despite the important role played by end users to minimize the impacts of malicious attacks or failed computer systems, their decision to report on these incidents is influenced by the number of factors. One of these factors is the communication process within the organization. Each organization has its own channels and procedures to report various incidents to the relevant authorities. In this essence, long and procedural communication channels strongly discourage end users from reporting suspicious events in the computer system and vice versa. At another point, the culture of the organization influences to a greater extent the decision of the end users to report abnormal events in the system. For example, if the culture of the organization promotes integrity among the staff, the end users of the computer system will always report the suspicious event in the system and the opposite is true. (Capra, M. G. (2002, September))

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