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Instructions Assignment 1 Due Date: April 4 2019 at 3pm ESTStudents
will write a short critical analysis (APA format, 1-2pages, double
spaced, typed, Times New Roman, Font size 12) of any article selected
from the business press for the first half of the semester(Wall Street
Journal, Business Week, The Economist, The Sun Times, Newsweek, Los
Angeles Times, CNN). For the article you choose, you should
type your summary in the following format:Article Title:Write the title
at the top of your page a long with its author.Summary:Write a summary
paragraph, in your own words, about the article. It needs to be at least
SIX to EIGHT SENTENCES LONG. You cannot copy verbatim from the article.
Only two quotes may be used in your summary. Significance:Write
at least 3-4 sentences discussing why you chose the article and how it
is important to society. Think about who this event impacts and how. Concluding paragraph:Explain why it is significant or provide your opinion about the topic. Reference:Cite the article and include the following: Title article; author; source (where you got it from); date retrieved or published. Attach copy of the article Assignment 2Due Date:April 20 Readings: Read case “Leading Change at Simmons (C)” by Casciaro, Edmondson, McManus, and RoloffRead case “Leading Change at Simmons (D)” by Casciaro, Edmondson, McManus, and RoloffRead article “Leading Change: Why Transformations Fail” by John P. KotterNote:
I will look for evidence of the readings in your written portion of
this assignment so do not attempt to short cut the readings as lack of
such evidence will affect your grade.Writing Portion: Use the article to analyze what happened in sub-cases C and D. What went wrong and what part of the transformation went wrong?Length and Quality: Minimum of 2.5 pages, double spaced, 12 point New Roman font. Login Info to access readings once assigned

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