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you have to write a code for both questions attached in C++. You have to complete the following programs by writing all functions. DON’T MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE MAINplease make sure there are no errors or wrong outputs!! they all should be done as what the worksheet wants you to do it, After finishing it, please attach each code in a separate txt file and a screenshot of the output

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Computer Science 120
Project No. 11 (user defined functions)
Complete the following programs by writing all functions. DON’T MAKE ANY CHANGES IN THE MAIN
1. int main()
Enter 3 integer numbers: 10 20 30
//declare identifiers
int x, y, z, max, min;
Sum = 60
//read three integer numbers into x,y,z
Average = 20.00
//find and display the sum and average of x,y,z
Maximum = 30
int Sum; float Average;
Minimum = 10
FindSumAve(x,y,z, Sum, Average);
//find and display the max. and min. of x,y,z
FindMaxMin(max, min, x,y,z);
ShowMaxMin(max, min);
system(“pause”); return o;
———-Practice Arithmetic——— 1.
2. int main()
2. Subtraction
{ // display menu
Enter your choice (1/2): 1
//select your choice
10 + 20 =? 30
int choice;
Select( choice); //
Continue(y/n)? y
test your choice
11 + 14 =? 35
switch( choice )
{ case 1: PracticeAdd(); break;
case 2:
Continue(y/n)? n
PracticeSub(); break;
CORRECT answers = 1
No. of WRONG answers = 1
system(“pause”); return 0; }

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