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600 words in total following the prompt attached.

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Writing Assignment 1: DUE APRIL 24 by 5pm on
Purpose: In this assignment, you will write a critical reflection about an
Implicit Association Test. You will analyze your results on the test and use
your experience to evaluate the test design.
1. Visit Project Implicit: 2. Take any of the
Implicit Association Tests listed on the webpage.
• Before you start, write down which test you are going to take and why you
are choosing that test. 3. Write about your experience, addressing the
following questions:
• Which test did you take and why did you choose that
• What was your reaction to your results when you saw them? Do
you think they were accurate? Explain why you felt this way.
• What did you think about the test itself? Do you think the test
accurately measures people’s biases? Explain your reasoning. (You
may want to read more about the test design as you answer this
question; the FAQs page is a good place to start:
• Take the same test 3 more times and see if your results change or not.
What does this imply about test reliability? 4. Revise your draft.
• Check: does each paragraph express one clear idea? Do you tell
the reader what that idea is in a topic sentence?
• To make sure that your writing is concise and clear, take a word
count of each paragraph, and then cut 10% of the words.
• Print your draft and read it out loud to help you identify spots
where the language or ideas could be clearer.
Format: You have 600 words to say everything you want to say. Write freely
and then revise to express your ideas clearly and concisely.
You do not need to write an introduction or conclusion. Be sure that each
paragraph states its focus in a topic sentence.
You can write in the 1st person, using “I” statements (e.g. “I was surprised by
what the test asked”).
To make it easier for us to read, use Times New Roman 12 point font with
double-spaced lines and 1.25-inch margins.
Grading: A good response will respond to the questions above using clear
reasoning to support its claims. A great response will also draw clear and
interesting connections between the answers.

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