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Assessment 2: Reflective Journal – 10% weighting
Page Limit: 6-8 pages
Relevant course objectives:
1. Assess how business functions change when a firm operates in an international versus
domestic environment
2. Evaluate the impact of globalization on strategy formulation and implementation of
Caribbean businesses
3. Integrate issues of cultural, labour and societal diversity into the international business
decision process.
4. Align personal values with the ethical and social responsibility issues involved in
expanding international business operations.
5. Appreciate the implication of current world events for the practice of international
6. Value the role of diversity in decision-making for international businesses
Assignment Description, Instructions and Assessment:
Students are encouraged to use artifacts from their course experience to
contextualize their reflections. The journal will be written from a personal
perspective where you will indicate the following: Assessment Items
Describe your learning experience to date objectively (what was done
during the Course – Topics covered) and the interaction with your
facilitator and colleagues as it relates to working in teams, motivation,
communication and managing conflict
Interpret what is significant to you about what you have experienced –
what was done and draw personal meaning, connection with other
learning and to your work place experiences etc. (state specific topics)
Evaluate/Indicate the effectiveness and efficiency of what was observed
during the Course (your new learning) (state specific topics)
Planning – Describe how you plan to use what you have learned in the
Course as you progress through your course of study and in your work life
(Usefulness and impact)

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