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You need to write a cover letter, a thank you letter and a brief statement of
me in my resume for me.
My major is financial economics.
Cover Letter: This should be tailored to the specific job/internship you chose.
Address the letter to the person who posted the ad and if there is not a name
listed, see if you can contact the company to find the name of the appropriate
person. The content should not repeat what is contained in the resume and
must identify the specific job for which you are applying, highlight the
qualifications that make you a good candidate for the position, and contain a
request for an opportunity to be interviewed.
Thank-You Letter: This should be tailored to the interview that you had with
the hiring manager of your position.
The letter should highlight your top
qualification for the position of interest, but not a restatement of your resume.
A brief statement of me in my resume is talking about things bellow, only
write 3~4 sentences are enough
The job what I need to apply is bellow
The format of cover letter
The sample of thank you letter

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