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1) Define Unhealthy food/diet2) History of unhealthy food3) Causes and symptoms of eating unhealthy food4) Treatment- what can we do to change those bad habits5) Effects of bad diet on college students (specifically in AVC College)6) Positive effects of bad diet/ if any!7) Technology advancements and how it helps or hurts when it comes to bad diet8) Genetics and how that contributes with the effects of bad diet on students9) How can college students be helped or what can they do about bad/unhealthy diet This outline needs to be 2-3 pages and it needs to be in the exact format of the sample outline by my professor. It needs to have a clear thesis sentence and it needs to have a title that is very catchy like an attention grabber. It can be either a quote, a line from a movie (like super size me). There needs to be 5 references, 3 needs to be peer reviewed sources and 2 can be other sources. He will check the references make sure they’re not plaigiarized and are properly cited since he will not give any points if it’s copy and pasted from the source. Also, I need a power point also with at least 7 slides.


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Antelope Valley College
Comm Studies 101, Sat or M/W
Introduction Speech
An introductory speech outline with the purpose of informing the audience about my journey
from college to present day.
David Kano
August 26, 2017
One Chance At Life
It’s not where or how you start — it’s where you end up. I’m a firm believer in this, be-
cause I too was sitting right where you are, at a junior college. That eventually led me to completing a Master’s Degree in Mass Communication, and standing here right in front of you. But,
the journey here has been long, something I didn’t anticipate nor want, however my frame of
mind has changed much since I was at my junior college. Now, I’m going to give a brief overview from my time sitting there, to now.
II. A Failed Start
A. My first semester in college I failed two out of three classes and was on academic
B. I enjoyed playing football, but no one forcing me to be at college made it harder to
focus on academics.
C. After attending two other colleges, I finished at Grossmont College and transferred to
California State University Northridge (CSUN).
III. City of Angels
A. My major was theater, but I switched to Broadcast Journalism thinking it would be a
better choice.
B. I moved to Los Angeles on my own, I didn’t know anyone or have any friends, but
was determined to stay focused.
1. I took full loads for two straight years, while working full time my first year,
and received a Bachelor of Arts after my fourth semester at CSUN.
IV. A Taste of Hollywood
A. I graduated after two years at CSUN, and instead of getting into my major, I decided
to get into acting.
B. My acting career led to writing and producing and at the time — no one could tell me
C. When things started going stagnant, I met Power 106’s Joe Grande and began produc
ing movies.
V. Fighting Path
A. There was a lull in my film career, so I started to get back into journalism as a writer
and on air talent.
1. I covered mixed martial arts and boxing, gaining a social media following and
was quoted by CNN, Yahoo Sports, Bleacher Report, The Washington Times,
C. This led to me managing a few professional fighters and negotiating contracts, along
with securing sponsorships.
D. In 2015, I decided to go back to get Master’s degree and it led to me joining FilmOn
TV Network.
E. While in the program, I got into Virtual Reality and 360º videos, and final academic
research on head trauma let to Concussed: The American Dream.
Finally, I was hired in August a few weeks before Fall semester to teach for the first time.
I never wanted to teach before — for me there was no point. Why pass on what I know or had to
go through to others? My professors in college never tried to help in my career when I was in
school, or could even point me in the right direction as far as the entertainment industry. So I was
selfish and never wanted to teach. But, my mindset has changed over the years, and here I stand
in front of you wanting to help you any way I can. And your goals don’t have to be the entertainment industry, but this class, public speaking, can help you in other facets of your life, work,
or education. Remember it’s not where or how you start — it’s where you end up.
Speech Grading Rubric
A (95-100)

The content of the speech is exemplary in following the guidelines
Title Page, Outline, and/or References have correctly followed the format
Paralanguage, stage presence, and diction is excellent and thought out
Orator’s timing and preparation was practiced well
A (90-94)

All the above with minor improvements
B (80-89)

The content of the speech is good in following the guidelines
Title Page, Outline, and/or References have correctly followed the format

with minor errors
Paralanguage, stage presence, and diction is good with several improvements
C (70-79)

The content of the speech follows some guidelines
Title Page, Outline, and/or References have correctly followed the format
with minor errors
Paralanguage, stage presence, and diction is average and can be worked on
Speech is not extemporaneous style
D (60-69)

The content of the speech does not follow guidelines
There are elements of plagiarism in the speech by not citing sources
There are elements of plagiarism in the outline by not citing sources or incorrect citations
Title Page, Outline, and/or References are incomplete or can be greatly improved
Paralanguage, stage presence, and diction was taken into little or no account
Orator’s timing and preparation not close to following guidelines
F (0-59)

There is purposeful plagiarism in the outline
There are little to no oral citations in the speech
Outline has no reference page.

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