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CHNS 330 (Spring 2019) Reading Questions (Week 16)
Due 4/22
Read: Sheldon Lu “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Bouncing Angels: Hollywood, Taiwan, Hong
Kong, and Transnational Cinema” (PDF)
Do characters in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (Li Mubai, Shulien, Jen, Jade Fox) embody
or deviate from the norm of xia (altruism, justice, individualism, loyalty, courage, truthfulness,
disregard for wealth and desire for glory)? How? What are the differences between Crouching
Tiger Hidden Dragon and Once upon A Time in China in terms of historical setting and theme?
According to Sheldon Lu, how does Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon differ from 1) diaspora
film, 2) Third World cinema and 3) usual wuxia films respectively?
According to Sheldon Lu, how was Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon received in the West
and in China? Why? What does he mean by the “inner contradiction of globalization” embodied
in the film?
Do not use outside source
2 pages

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