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You are required to develop a sponsorship plan, to propose to a potential sponsor to support a team, league, or event.the event i chose is in the powerpoint below, and the sponsor company is amazon. please develop a good sponsorship plan 2 pages required!

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Sports Event Sponsorship
Xiaoning Pan & Xiaokai Li
FIBA Stanković Continental Champions’ Cup
FIBA Stanković Continental Champions’ Cup is an example
of a global sporting event without a US sponsor. The event is
an international tournament of basketball for men’s national
teams, that is held annually by the International Basketball
Federation (FIBA). The tournament was started in 2005 and
has the PEAK Sports as its main sponsor.
Sponsorship package for the event: $10 million per event
The Stankovic Intercontinental Basketball Champions Cup
—The Stankovic Intercontinental Basketball Champions Cup is one of the highest level official
international basketball events
—It was initiated by Dr. Cheng Wanqi, Chairman of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA),
in recognition of FIBA Secretary-General Stankovic as an international basketball player. The
contribution made by the development, the competition named after Stankovich.
—The inaugural competition was held in Beijing, China from July 26 to 31, 2005, and the first
championship was won by Lithuania.
—There are 6 teams participating in each event, and each team comes from the top national men’s
basketball team or the invited team on six continents.
—The event is held once a year. In order to help and promote the development of the Chinese
basketball industry, Cheng Wanqi decided to hold the event in China.
Current Sponsors
Client companies
1. Amazon Web Services: this is a subsidiary of and provides on demand cloud-computing
platforms. The company has been partnering with several prominent firms with one of them being TIE.
Besides being a potential sponsor of sporting events, the company has been involved in notable charitable
work. For example, the year 2017 saw the company launch a program in the UK with an objective of helping
military veterans and young adults retrain in technology-related skills. Amazon Web is working alongside the
Ministry of Defense and the Prince‘s Trust to retrain former soldiers and young people from challenged
2. Microsoft: FIBA Stanković Continental Champions’ Cup could also be sponsored by Microsoft. This is among
the world’s leading IT firms involved in the development, manufacturing, licensing, and the sale of personal
computing services, software, and consumer electronics. Microsoft is the official sponsor of various IT and
sports events especially dealing with growth and innovation in the field of technology.
Reasons for choosing Amazon Web and Microsoft
The choice of company for sponsorship
primarily depends on the corporate culture,
and its financial base of the brand. In the
context of FIBA Stanković Continental
Champions’ Cup, it is important to choose
financially stable companies considering the
sponsorship package of $10 million for
— Microsoft is valued at $510 billion
— Amazon Web is valued at $107 billion.
Why sponsoring ?
● It’s a great opportunity to open
or expand foreign market
especially chinese market for
these two companies
● There are currently no tech
companies sponsoring this
Why amazon need to Sponsor

Currently, amazon are not doing well in Chinese market
Only 1.6% e commerce market share
AWS entered Chinese market Nov. 2017
They need brand awareness in this region
Why microsoft need sponsor
● It could be very successful product placement
● The Surface become the official tablet for the event
● Gain marketing exposure for its technology.
Sponsorship form

Jersey Sponsor
Provide cloud computing and IT Services
Product placement for surface tablet
Microsoft will create basketball apps in Microsoft Store
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