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1.) What information about maternal morality resonated most with you during the reading of the book? what was most surprising? 2.) What are the additional implications of maternal mortality and women’s health? how does women’s health affect men? How is maternal health connected to the cycle of poverty?3.) What more could the United States do to improve maternal health? What impact, if any, do the high maternal mortality rates in the poorest countries have on the social and economic health of our country? Is global maternal mortality a national security issue for the United States? Why or why not?4.) Do wealthy countries have a responsibility to help poor countries improve their mental health care? Why or Why not? Do you think individuals from wealthy countries or international organizations can be effective in the developing world? What are the benefits and challenges? What role do you think you can play? Don’t forget to include two scholarly articles based on Maternal Mortality in how it corresponds to the book. Also make sure to add page numbers for the book Half The Skys

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