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Discussion Question. Please no plagarism. Provide references.From the first e-Activity, evaluate the business’ current business strategy; propose a change in direction that would improve its prospects. Support your answer.Reflect on the concept that small-business ideas prove themselves when customers start buying and discuss whether you agree or disagree with this statement. Discuss whether the customer comes first or the business plan comes first. Then, give your opinion on whether a formal business plan should be in place. Predict what happens if a business plan is available and if a business plan is not available. Lastly, from the second e-Activity, Mr. Gupta said, “A startup is a journey.” He also said, “Try to do as much as you can with your own money and on your own time before you ask for investment. As soon as you raise capital, the stakes go up, your clock is ticking.” Interpret the meaning of those statements. Take a position on whether you agree or disagree with those statements. Support your position.Note: For citing internet sources in your discussion, please see the Web Sources section of the Strayer Writing Standards guide available in the left-hand menu.

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