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All requirements are in the files.The firm for my group is Groupon .You only need to do Section II.APA format.Double spaces, 6 pages.

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BUS 189
Spring 2019
Each team has been assigned a firm to do a case study on.
You need to collect extensive data – secondary and primary – to finish this team project.
You are expected to meet outside the class to work on the project.
➢ SEC 10-K filings
➢ Yahoo! Finance
➢ San Jose State Library online databases
Each team needs to submit a group project report. Every team member will get the
same grade.
You will also present your project to the class.
The report needs to have four sections.
Section I: Introduction, leadership, & Mission Statement
◼ A brief introduction to the business

nature of the business,
founding date,
the number of employees,
the brief biographies of founders and current leaders
major shareholders
the composition of clientele,
annual revenue,
the growth history of the business
◼ The firm’s mission Statement

The mission
The vision
Values (corporate culture)
Major goals
Section II: External Analyses
BUS 189
Spring 2019
◼ Conduct an external analyses
1. Identify the industry.
➢ Its products or services
➢ Key players
2. Environmental analyses of the industry
➢ Discuss at least two factors

Political factors
Economic factors
Social factors
Technological factors
3. Use Michael Porter’s Five Forces’ Model

Risk of entry by potential competitors
➢ Entry barriers
Intensity of rivalry among established firms
➢ Who and why
Bargaining power of suppliers
➢ Who and why
Bargaining power of buyers
➢ Who and why
Threat of substitutes
➢ Who and why
4. Andrew Grove’s sixth force

Who and why
5. Use the Industry Life Cycle Analysis model to identify the stage in which the firm’s industry finds
Section III: The Internal analyses
1. Identify the firm’s business models.
➢ How does the firm make money?
BUS 189
Spring 2019
2. Use the Appraisal Framework for Resources and Capabilities to evaluate your firm’s strengths
and weaknesses.
3. Use the Blue Ocean Strategy industry canvas to compare your firm with its competitors.
Section IV: Business Proposal
1. What are the firm’s main problems?
➢ External environment

Threat of substitutes
Paradigm shift
Bargaining power of suppliers
Or others
➢ Internal operations

Business models
Or others
2. Use Blue Ocean Strategy canvas to propose an ideal value curve relative to competitors.
3. Provide three concrete strategies to help the firm to survive and thrive.
Use data to support your proposed strategies.
◼ The main text should be 26 double-spaced pages long, with a font type of Time New Roman and
a font size of 12.
Section 1:
Section 2:
Section 3:
Section 4:
4 pages.
6 pages.
8 pages.
8 pages.
◼ APA format.
Important dates:
◼ April 11th
BUS 189
Spring 2019

Project report drafts due on Canvas.

Final project reports due on Canvas.
◼ April 30th
Present the report
◼ Requirements:
ii. Each team member presents;
iii. Each team has 15 minutes to present their report.

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