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A. Research Questions &
hypotheses B. Ethical Considerations
in Research studyOBJECTIVESo Differentiate between
research questions and
hypotheses. o Discuss with examples
the different types of
research hypotheses o Identify the historical
events influencing the
development of ethical
codes and regulations
for research.
o Identify the ethical
principles that are
important in
conducting research
on human subjects.
o Describe the human
rights that require
protection in research.
o Explain the functions
of the institutional review board (IRB) in
research studies
o Describe the types of
possible scientific
misconduct in the
conduct, reporting,
and publication of
healthcare researchQUESTIONS to be answeredSummarize your
understanding of
this week’s step
of the research
process b. What challenges
did you
encounter in
applying this
week’s step of
the research
process? c. How did you
mitigate the
challenges? d. What’re your
plans for the next step of the
research process?

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