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3. Research Methodology3.1 Research MattersDefine everything including terminology, testing metrics, assumptions, system set up, or lab environment, etc. that may help the readers to understand the experiments that you are designing in order to collect data to answer the research question.3.2 Experiment Design3.2.1 Experiment RequirementsDefine all the requirements and constraints the experiments must follow. Also explain the rationale of each requirement or constraint.3.2.2 Experiment ProceduresDefine the detailed working procedures of the experiments. Using some graphic presentation such as some of UML Diagrams is highly recommended.

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1.Project Outline
1.1 Company Overview
Bricks Construction Company is a private company that has been in business in New
York for over five years. The company makes a turnover of $4.2 million annually in reported
earnings and employs about two hundred people from major cities all over the United States of
America. The company’s head office is in New York, but there are other offices in California and
New Jersey. The company deals in construction materials and equipment, contracting services
and consultancy. Besides, in addition to civil engineering services and architectural projects,
Bricks Construction Company also handles refurbishments of old worn out buildings.
1.2 Project Introduction
The Bricks Construction Company specializes in selling construction equipment and
materials and provides consultancy services to most of the most significant accounts in building
and construction in the city of New York. Despite their Bricks Construction Company’s success
in consultancy and engineering services, the company’s products and materials have suffered a
blow due to their compromise on quality and safety.
The production line machines of the company have notoriously been reevaluated for
glitches and malfunctions by government regulators following reports of the company’s substandard product’s being present in the market. Despite the production challenges, the company
is seeking to expand its horizons to three other major cities as part of its Fiscal Plan for the Year
2019. Bricks Construction Company has several strong competitors in the market who are
capitalizing on the set-back to sell their products and materials in the competitive market and
undermine the Bricks Construction Company’s strategy of growth and expansion.
1.3 Problem Identification
The Bricks Construction company has a problem in the production department. Old and obsolete
machines need to be replaced with state-of-the-art devices which can be remotely controlled
using software for streamlined and high-quality production.
1.3.1 Problem Context and Background
The recorded yearly turnover of the Bricks Construction Company of $0.9 was inclusive
of the revenue from the product line (building and construction materials and equipment) and the
consultancy and engineering services. While the income from the service department was
peddled back for the expansion, the company will need to revamp its production strategy if it the
growth and development into other cities are to be sustained. Fixing the company’s production
line will not only boost the company’s bottom-line (profits) but will also put it ahead of the
competition in the building and construction market.
1.3.2 Problem Statement
The Bricks Construction Company’s reducing returns and continuous production of
building and construction equipment and materials of inconsistent quality is due to damaged and
obsolete machines.
2. Solution Identification (Week 2)
It is important to note that the Brick Construction Company has a serious problem in the
production section or department where obsolete and worn out machines needs to be replaced
with a state-of-the-art device that can be able to be controlled remotely. As a matter of fact,
machines which are controlled remotely using special software are more effective and efficient
when it comes to providing the required services. Nowadays, technology is playing a very crucial
role in ensuring that things work as they ought to be.
The manual operation of machines is something that cannot be trusted because many
mistakes are made in the process of providing the required services. It is without a doubt the
current pace of technological development is essentially exerting serious changes particularly on
the way people work and live. Needless to say, that technology itself is impacting economies and
various industries in the process of delivering the required products and services. Therefore, for
the sake of high-quality products and services, the construction company should ensure that it
comes up with the most efficient software that can be able to be used in the process of operating
machines remotely and at the end of it all, quality products and services will be inevitable.
2.1 Solution Framework (Week 2)
As aforementioned, what is required in the process of solving the problem in the
Bricks Construction Company is the replacement of obsolete machines with state-of-the-art
devices that are controlled remotely. One of the very important programs that enhance remote
controlling of the machines is the Java program. Through Java, it is entirely very easy to
remotely control various computers that can be used in the production section in the Bricks
Construction Company. The program entirely contains codes that would essentially be used to
control computers because in so doing, it will be easier to produce the required size and quality
of the bricks required in the industry. Here, there will be a lot of precision when it comes to
producing bricks, in other words, there would not be any kind of wasted or destroyed bricks in
the process of their production. This means that the industry must purchase all the devices that
can work hand in hand with the computers in the process of providing the services required.
Additionally, the personnel working should also be trained on how to operate the program and
the computers in order to provide the best result that would be required to maximize the returns
of the company.
2.2 Hypothesis Statement (Week 2)
The hypothesis statement here will be:
“If the best machines are purchased or existing machines are updated by the Brick construction
company that uses latest technology, then the machines will start working efficiently which in
turn can produce the service and product of highest standard which in turn helps company to
make maximum returns”
IV: Purchasing new machines/updating the existing machines.
DV: Efficiency of machine working.
2.3 Research Questions (Week 2)
The following are the research questions of the study, they include;
“How does purchasing new machines or updating the existing ones to use latest technology make
the machines work efficiently and produce the quality product?”
2.4 Related Works (Week 2)
Lal, S.P. and Onwubolu, G.C. (2007). “Three-tiered web-based manufacturing System -Part
1: System development”. Journal of Robotics and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing
23, pp. 138-151
This article gives some important insights when it comes to the programs that can be used in the
manufacturing plants. It gives the details of the various devices that can be used to produce
effective and efficient services.
Radelja, H., Hasković, D., Šikulec, L., Plančak, M., Kršulja, M., and Car, Z. “Concept for
Online Web Machine Tool Control Based on Open Source”.8thInternationalDaaam
Baltic Conference “Industrial Engineering” 19-21 April 2012, Tallinn, Estonia.
This is another article that gives valuable information as far as the tools and machines that should
be used when it comes to being controlled by some specific programs like the java programs.
These machines are entirely technical, and they require very skilled personnel to operate them
Mikell, P., Groover, M., Weiss, R., and Nagel, N. (1986). “Industrial Robotics: Technology,
Programming, and Application”.1stEdition, McGraw-Hill Higher Education.
This article talks about the robots that are being used in many of the industries when it comes to
producing the required products and services. These robots provide a lot of accurate when it
comes to production and this is because they are being controlled remotely using special
Lee, R.S., Tsai, J.P., Lee, J.N., Kao, Y.C., Lin, G.C.I., and Lu, T. F. “Collaborative virtual
In this article, a lot of information is provided with regards to the machines that can be operated
virtually in the process of performing the tasks they are assigned to perform. This has also a lot
of precision when it comes to service delivery and at the end of it all, quality products and
services are produced.
This article provides a step-by-step procedure on how a java program can be used to control the
machines remotely in any production department. It also gives the precaution that needs to be
taken very seriously to ensure that everything works well in the process of delivering the right

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