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you can choose any project you want, you have to come up with a new one, and apply the Project Management topics on it in a PowerPoint. you can find the project checklist and a sample PowerPoint attached. Thank you

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Project Management- BSM 223
Guidelines for the Project
Kindly find below the check list for your project. Kindly make sure all the following items are
included in your power point presentation. You are free to add more content if you need to. Apply
the concepts to your project.
Due date: Wednesday , 17th April
All the power point presentations have to be submitted by the 17th of April via email. Late
submissions will not be accepted. Presentations by the teams will be held in the class from the 6th
of December except for special cases.
The project carries 15 marks of your total grade. Power point will be 10 marks and the
presentation by the team members will be 5 marks.
Kindly refer to the following chapters in Project Management. To get more ideas use the internet as
well. Be innovative.
Chapter 1: Modern Project Management
Chapter 3: Organisation Structure and Culture
Chapter 4: Defining the project
Chapter 5: Estimating Project times and Costs
Chapter 7: Managing Risk
1. Define a Project. Clearly indicate what your project is.
2. Apply the four stages of the product life cycle to your project
3. Role of the Project Manager. If you are a team, who is the project manager and who are the
other members in your team. What task are they responsible for?
4. Refer to the Current drivers of Project management from your Project management
textbook. Which drivers are important to you and how does your project impact the planet,
people and profit.
5. Which organisation structure do you prefer and clearly state why? Refer to the advantages
and disadvantages of the different structures.
6. Employ the project scope checklist- Apply at least 4, you can apply all 6 if you would like to.
7. Draw the work breakdown structure with the organisation breakdown structure. Break
down the project into different tasks and highlight which team member is responsible for
which task.
8. How will you estimate project times and costs- will you use a top down approach or a
bottom up approach. Give reasons to justify your answer.
9. What are the obvious risks for your project and what strategy will you use to reduce the
negative impact?
10. Expected outcome of the project.

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