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A one- to two-page (250- to 500-word) outline and reference list.Step 1 Review the process of outline creation.Review the information that discusses creating outlines. In particular, study the section that describes full-sentence preparation outlines, their elements, and how to create them.Step 2 Review a Topic you chose from a past assignment.Review the assignment in which you selected a speech topic, wrote a thesis statement, identified a question based on the thesis statement, and identified at least three main points.Step 3 Select a Pattern of Organization.Based on your knowledge of patterns of organizing speech information, select a pattern of organization to use to create an outline for your speech.Step 4 Open the outline template provided belowYou can type directly on the document and save it as newStep 5 Enter Identifying Data.Enter the Identifying Data for your speech:TitleGeneral PurposeSpecific PurposeStep 6 Create an outline.Using the template, create a full sentence, formal outline for your speech. Follow the guidelines presented in the lesson for using a consistent set of symbols, using full declarative sentences, and entering transitions within square brackets.Step 7 Create a reference list.Include any and all sources you use to locate information for your formal outline.

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