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“Art in the City” This assignment will take you outside and into the city of Providence to consider public art and architecture, and to connect your experience to the article “Age of the Ugly” by Michael K. Beran. Begin this assignment by reading the article. You may pair up with one or two other students or do the assignment on your own. For the outside, “experiential” aspect of the assignment, you can walk around the general area of downtown, or extend your reach beyond the immediate area. Focus on looking at the architecture, statuary, art, etc. that you see. Choose an example of public art to examine for this paper. Begin your paper with an introductory paragraph. Give a general idea of what your paper is about; mention your walk around the city and the article by Beran. Finish this paragraph with a thesis statement in which you either agree or disagree with Beran’s thesis. In the next paragraph give a synopsis of Beran’s article. What is his main point? How does he try to support this point? The next paragraphs should be where you introduce the art you have chosen. Describe the art’s aesthetic – how do you describe the art? Where is it located and why? Explain why it is art and the purpose and value it holds. As you make your points, refer back to Beran’s article; how does your experience match up (or not) with Beran’s argument? Be sure to make multiple references to Beran. End your paper with a concluding paragraph in which you tie everything together. Be sure to avoid introducing any new ideas or points here. Specific Guidelines Papers are to be 2-3 pages in length, typed in 12 Font, Times New Roman and double spaced with one-inch margins at all corners. Staple your paper once in the upper left-hand corner.Include a cover page with your paper with your name (s), title of the assignment, course name and due date. Block this information in the center of the cover page. This is to be the only place where this information appears; do not include it anywhere else in the paper.Email me an image of the art you have chosen with the names of group members.Papers will be evaluated for adherence to basic rules of written English and these guidelines as well as content.

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