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answer the questions after you read the information that I got and wrote from my observation in high school. please explain and add details and information from your imaginations.this is my notes ( I visited a secondary school two weeks ago and their was classes for students with special needs. Those classes were separated from general classes. At the time of the break they can meet the general students. Some students go to general classes at a certain time and return back to their special classes. I was impressed by many things and the most important is how they use technology everywhere to make their lives easier and to save time. I was very impressed by this initial experience in the United States of America at the beginning I was nerves but with time I relaxed the tension. I took a lot of information and programs. the teacher gave me her email and i will go back again. All the roads within the building are suitable for students with special needs. I met a student who has down syndrome he is 14 years old and can not speak but he understands everything and smart and social. He has iPad loaded program Clicker 7 by making it talk to everyone through this program we spent time and made a long conversation and was asking me and answer all through this program. And another child has a mental disability he uses the same program to help him to talk and expresses his feelings and the features of this program is adjustable and added information by the teacher.On of the classes was divided into four sections the first one was for children with learning difficulties, the second to learn social communication, the third to children with severe disabilities, and the last to the independent section. They learn the children themselves through work papers and i Pads. The separation is very suitable in terms of lighting, spaces, general arrangement. The second class was for students who do not have severe disabilities. There is a main teacher with two assistant teachers. The main teacher gives general instructions for all and runs the curriculum. This class is similar to the other in terms of technology for teaching. For example,. The teacher sends assignments to the students. The teacher gives them their notes and they can edit. I saw some problems that were normal to meet by teachers and students with special needs. for example, I went with the student to eating lunch and his teacher asked him to distribute paper napkins for all tables and when he arrived at the teachers of the general classrooms they began to ridicule and laugh very loudly on the student. It was a strange situation and sad because the students understand everything, their teacher tried to change their sets and talk to them, but those teachers did not stop. I saw that it is very sad that in 2019 there are some like these people. I hope their teacher does not overlook this problem and talk with them again or with the poss to put an end.)

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Field Experience Report/Reflection
NOTE: Make certain that you select your field experiences for this course in a way that will enable you
to tie what you are seeing or doing in the classroom back to the major lessons of this course.
Candidate Name: _____________________________________________________________
EDU course name and #: _______________________________________________________
School Site of Field Experience: __________________________________________________
Date and Beginning/End Time: __________________________________________________
Contact Person: ______________________ Teacher Name(s): _______________________
Grade Level(s): _______________________________________________________________
Classroom Specifics: Briefly describe the physical environment (#of students, # of teachers,
desk arrangement, etc.)
Report what you observed or what activities you engaged in: Tell the FACTS (Examples: What
was the lesson about? How was it taught? How did the students participate?)
Reflect on what you observed or did in the classroom: Do some thinking about what
happened. What were the positives? What was effective? What challenges did you see? Make
one suggestion for improvement.
Apply to coursework: How does this experience relate to course readings, class discussions,
your developing ideas about special education and the Illinois Professional Teaching Standards
and Special Education Teaching Standards.
Connect to the goals of the Field Observation Plan: How did this observation experience help
you accomplish your goal(s)?

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