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>>>This paper is extremely urgent. Please only bid if you are very much capable of completing the following assignment on time:In his famous essay “An Image of Africa,” Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe offers a pointed, politically motivated critique of Joseph Conrad’s novel Heart of Darkness. In the process, however, Achebe also offers what we might call his own “idea of the novel”: his beliefs as to what he believes a novel needs to do or be and what he believes is a novelist’s responsibility – especially where the issue of representing Africa and Africans in literature is concerned. As a class, we will be reading Achebe’s famous first novel Things Fall Apart, which we might see as an example of the kind of novels Achebe thinks should be written.For your final paper of the semester I am asking you to put together your own sense of Achebe’s “idea of the novel” (see above), based on his statements in “An Image of Africa” and then to discuss in your own words how Things Fall Apart is a specific example of Achebe’s theory or idea of the novel in action: use specific evidence or elements from Things Fall Apart to show how that work is the kind of novel Achebe believes should be written and/or the best way to represent Africa in a work of fiction.>>>ALL PDFs / Readings are supplied and are NOT long. Thank you very much for looking!

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