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“YOU NEED TO HAVE TO NETFLIX ACCOUNT TO BE ABLE TO DO IT”1. Watch the Netflix special on Amanda Knox, the American student who was charged with murder in Italy but who was freed on appeal.2. Read the followup stories with interview with Amanda Knox and recent British newspaper coverage assessing the case and giving the views of the family of Meredith Kercher, the British student who was killed.3. Write an essay of at least 700 words and not more than 1,200 words in which you discuss the journalistic coverage of the case including the role of British journalist Nick Pisa who coined the “Foxy Knoxy” label in a tabloid headline. Address the question of why the coverage focused on Knox rather than the victim, Meredith Kercher? 4. Essay should cite relevant examples from the Netflix documentary, the British newspaper stories and Knox’s most recent interview.


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Elements that should be included in the essay on the Amanda Knox
1. The essay should be at least 700 words long and not more than
1,200 words. It should summarize key elements of the case and
show you have a good command of the material.
2. What does British journalist Nick Pisa say in the Netflix
documentary about the need to check information given to
journalists by officials? Why does he think Knox should be the
focus of the story?
3. What do the Daily Mirror and The Independent newspaper
updates have to say about view from Britain and the Kercher
4. Who do you think killed Meredith Kercher and why? What impact
did media coverage play on the search for justice? Were Italian
prosecutors or journalists more to blame for the sensationalism?
5. Essay should be written clearly and concisely as well as present
the material in an organized manner. Assertions supported and
attributed to named sources. It should be free of grammar and
punctuation errors.
Amanda Knox1
Knox Interview
Latest Ruling-Damages For Knox
British View
The Independent
Daily Mirror

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