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5 pages essay chose what topic you want and write a 5 pages essay about it.Team Term Project (3 or 4 students per team) – 20 points (10 report and 10 presentation)There are numerous challenges associated with organizational communication.For the team term project, each team will pick a challenging area of organizational communication and develop a training session on the topic. Some suggested topics:How to make complex information understood by your audience?How to keep people’s attention on what you are saying?How to use social media to improve your organization’s visibility/reputation?How to provide constructive feedback?How to announce bad news/events?How to introduce yourself at a networking event?How to organize information to give a clear and interesting presentation?Etc.Throughout the semester, you should become experts on your chosen topic.You will need to conduct a literature review on your topic (find all research articles written on the subject) and then choose how you will present it to the class. There are two main deliverables for this project:1) a 5-page report that you will give to the participants (classmates) following your training session and2) a 15-minute presentation/training.More details will be provided in class.if you need me to send you that chapters we studied i could.

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