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A one-page essay per scholarship describing how you satisfy the specific PEACE scholarship eligibility criteria and what this scholarship means for you. Please note that a separate essay is required for each PEACE scholarship. The essay must be single-spaced, Times New Roman font size 12, 1″ margin.Dean’s Scholarship The Deans Scholarship recognizes outstanding students who embody our vision of service, leadership and educational attainment. Eligibility and review criteria for this award include scholastic achievement, leadership ability and potential, commitment to service, and career goals aligned to living this vision. Diversity Scholarship The Diversity Scholarship recognizes exemplary students from underrepresented or disadvantaged backgrounds who are committed to serving people from all backgrounds with respect, compassion and distinction. Eligibility and review criteria for this award include underrepresented or disadvantaged background, commitment to service, career goals, and potential impact on advancing diversity goals.-Since I born in Iraq and my life was difficult due to the war were in iraq that include all th and I moved many cities just to stay away from the war.-The war in iraq give people to be more Killers and thugs. They kill others that have different religion and education people that live in peace and want to upgrade this country.- War made people look at the women in a different way specially with womens with ambition and a good education background. They kill her or stop he from work by killing their children. – I was one of the student that were going to school while all those stuff happening. They pumped my school and my house which made us to move many pleases for our education and rights until I came to united state and my dream came true.- In Iraq there is not women rights, the women cannot work or study because of many reason you can find it online about war of iraq.-but when I came to united state i start studying and reading english from scratch- I used to record my teacher and then translate all his voice to word, i used to work in the college while I was in high school. I start college and finish all the pharmacy school requirement in 3 years to get accepted to this school. – This scholarship related to me because I had a very hard time trying to study in disadvantaged backgrounds. Me and my aunt were working in a the pharmacy in iraq and there was a drug issue(personal statement) but she was putting herself in dangerous just to help people and that what push me to become a pharmacist and help other.New Face of Pharmacy ScholarshipThe New Face of Pharmacy Scholarship recognizes underrepresented minorities with leadership ability and commitment to pharmacy. Eligibility and review criteria for this award include underrepresented background, leadership ability and potential, commitment to pharmacy, and career goals.


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School of Pharmacy Essay
Please list your favourite extra-curricular activities and non-academic pursuits
I am at the moment, volunteering at the Alvarado Hospital and I cover multiple positions there. These
positions include, working the front desk, transporting patients in wheelchairs, medical assistance, delivering
specimen to the laboratory/pathology, delivering blood from the blood bank to the nursing unit, reading and
reviewing information and also assisting in the emergency room with patients information. This is an intensive
volunteering position as my duties and responsibilities are forever changing. I am required to be everywhere at
once. I have spent two years as a volunteer in Elcajon Library in high school . It was a predominantly
administrative role as I worked the front desk and I was responsible for checking books in and out.
Furthermore, I had to organise new books into correct categories and sections. This job helped me gain
confidence and a sense of responsibility in my teenage years, which has helped me greatly in all my future
I also used to be a member of the Badminton team since I was 13 years old and my skills improved more
when I moved to the United States. I then joined the Badminton team in college. I hike every week, in the
process, finding new books involving Pharmaceuticals just so I can improve my understanding of the field. I
am a member of the youth group in my church, we meet up every week and get involved in many volunteering
activities such as helping the homeless, cleaning the church and having a soup kitchen every following Friday.
Please describe any special life circumstances. These include but are not limited to overcoming adversity
and cultural background
Life in Iraq is extremely difficult, the war changes people. When Iraq was in war, it was extremely hard to do
everyday activities such as getting an education, being provided with medication and just living and enjoying
life. Life was even more difficult for Christians because they are extremely excluded in Iraq. Christians are not
allowed to celebrate Christian events such as Christmas, Easter and Ascension Day. There was a time in my
life I went through a difficult time because there was a bombing in Iraq, I lost a lot of people I loved that day.
When I came to the United States 4 years ago, life was even harder for me because I was not able to
communicate using the English language. I faced the trauma of coming from a war stricken country like Iraq
and even facing more difficulties of an immigrant in the States. However, I always had hope that my life would
change, if I just gave it time.
I did not possess any skills, therefore I had to start from scratch. I used to study for the whole day, taking
difficult classes being biology and chemistry. Conquering these classes became much easier for me when I
began understanding English. I enjoyed the new freedom I was exposed to in America because I was now able
to celebrate Christmas and other Christian events. I was able to also conversate and build relationships with the
opposite gender and this was a new experience for me because in Iraq, men are not allowed to conversate with
women. I love how the United States has improved my life and I am impressed with the number of skills I
have acquire here and which I am yet to acquire.
The Admission and Standards Committee reviews applications from many applicants with strong
academic backgrounds and experiences. Without considering skills and accomplishments please
describe those personal characteristics you feel make you stand out as an individual
What makes me stand out as an individual would be my outgoing and flamboyant personality. I am a very
helpful and approachable person. Not only will I benefit from being a student at University, but so will the rest
of my peers there because I am a very helpful person when it comes to assisting my peers with some of our
school work. For most of my life, I’ve been known for my quality of being eager to learn and evolve. I feel that
we learn everyday of our lives and that as a person you never learn enough because information does not end.
Another one of my qualities would be my willingness to dowhatever it takes to achieve my goals. I have
overcome so much issues in my life, wars at home, losing friends through the bombings in wars and I had to
make the hardest choice in my life which was leaving my family and coming to the United States.
Moving away from Iraq was the hardest challenge of my life, I had to forget about my old life, my friends and
my family all because I wanted to achieve my dreams. The sacrifices I have made to become a pharmacist are
extreme but they are proof that I am really serious about being a pharmacist.
Going through all these life struggles has led to my character being stronger than it was before. These events
have made me gain more patience and understand that everything in life takes time, an example of this would
be when I couldn’t speak and understand the English language and I had to learn the language. If I had been
someone that easily gave up on things I would have gave up and forgotten about my dreams.
Another thing that makes me stand out from other individuals, would be the plain fact that I am different. I
typically have typically experienced and lived a way more different life and experienced a lot more different
life events than any other typical college student.
foundation in the pharmacy field and the aspiration to become a successful pharmacist.
What do you believe is the most difficult challenge pharmacists will face in the coming years? What
would you do to overcome this challenge?
Pharmacists are facing and will still face many problems in the near future. However these challenges can be
overcome. One of these challenges would be rising drug costs.
Rising drug costs lead to patients being outraged over the dramatic increase of their medication. Trust between
the patient and their pharmacist is very critical for the business and mostly an independent business. Prices
increasing will affect the patient’s trust in their local pharmacy. However, increased drug costs not only affect
patients, but they also affect the pharmacy’s sales.
A way I would overcome this challenge would be by working hand in hand with my patients. A close
communication relationship between me and my patients would be an important factors. I would speak with
my patient and come to conclusions, whether we choose to change the prescription or the patient gets involved
in assistance programs since they wouldn’t be able to afford their medication.
Another challenge most pharmacists will face in the coming years has to be the opioid epidemic. The opioid
epidemic involves the death of individuals due to an overdose of drugs. Usually these drugs are stolen or
smuggled out of pharmacies.
A way I would overcome this challenge would be by joining forces with the legislation professionals and other
pharmacists where we will expand out knowledge, educating ourselves with different laws and becoming
pharmacy advocates to solve this matter and to prevent all these deaths.
Please explain why you have chosen to apply to our College of Pharmacy
The reason behind me applying to the USC School of Pharmacy would be because I
love the schools approach to my course. Browsing on the internet I read the USC
School of Pharmacy has continued to increase small group conferences and group
assignments which mean more concentration and less disruptions. Group assignments
mean personal relationship between professors and students because there is a lot
more communication and time at hand for one on one conversations. Students also
volunteer in safety-net clinics throughout southern California, giving them an opportunity
to develop cultural competencies while serving diverse populations. This will modify my
basic knowledge and skills into more advanced and complex ones. I feel that I would
really appreciate the experience of being a student at USC school of pharmacy and I
would make it my priority to keep the schools reputations as it is.
I also love the Pharmacy Learning Centre because it is said to combine advanced classrooms and discussive
spaces for students. This is amazing because there is always room for new ways to understand the work at
hand and new ideas being shared. The university is also located closely to the Bay Area which provides sports
and outdoor recreational activities. This is a plus for me because I am an outdoor sporty person, having a
history in hiking I love this.
Another thing I love about the Touro University is that it approaches the curriculum quite well. I read that for
the first 2 years of the PharmD curriculum, the program is mostly focused on developing foundational
knowledge or the building blocks of the course and it gives students an introduction to the pharmaceutical
The final 2 years are focused on clinical practice rotations, where students modify their basic knowledge and
skills into more advanced and complex ones. I feel that I would really appreciate the experience of being a
student at Touro University and I would make it my priority to keep the schools reputations as it is.
The reason behind me applying to Pacific University would be because I love the schools
approach to my course. Browsing on the internet I read that the class sizes are extremely small,
which I find quite advantageous because small class sizes mean more concentration and less
disruptions. Also, small class sizes lead to a personal relationship between professors and
students because there is a lot more communication and time at hand for one on one
conversations. The University of the Pacific offers a small-school environment that is constantly
supportive of students. It is extremely easy to ask for help, whether that means going to a
professor’s office hours or heading over to the Career Resource Center for a mock job interview.
The resources that the university offers is unparalleled. Lastly, the university places an emphasis
on wellness. This means that it is not difficult to be active or to eat healthily, all important factors
Values and Life Experience
The main purpose behind my decision to become a pharmacist and not pursue any other medical
specialty is my passion for medical adherence improvement. As a pharmacist, it is my duty to
effectively communicate to patients on how to take medications. The pharmacist is also
responsible for evaluations of the number of factors which affects the ability of a patient to take a
The core values of being a pharmacist include sharpness, innovation, caring, integrity and
excellence. I believe that these values play into my day to day endeavors in college and also at
home. I am always sharp at what I do and I avoid making preventable mistakes. I can also
describe myself as a caring person having the fact that I was in an anti-drug group in Iraq where
we try to reduce the level of drug abuse in the campus. In this group, we show care to students
who are drug addicts and take them through the journey of quitting drugs. I have always been a
person of integrity as I was raised in a very strict environment where lying was considered a sin.
Finally, my academic performance is outstanding as I score good grades in the class. I believe
these and other values such as flexibility and innovation will help me become a good pharmacist
in future.
Personal Statement
“May I help you,” I said as I looked at the helpless young man wearing a shredded shirt and
torn shoes. During my time in Iraq, I spent a large part of my teenage years helping my aunt in
her pharmacy and familiarizing myself with the work she does. The young man that came into
the pharmacy that Monday afternoon allowed me to witness the real impact pharmacists have
on society. It made me find my calling in life. We learned that his poverty prevented him from
buying proper medicine for his sick mother. At that time, Iraq was experiencing a shortage in
medicine. During this crisis, my aunt worked incessantly to acquire the missing drugs for
patients who needed them.
At that time, I learned that something as simple as a small pill could alter the life of an
individual. My aunt’s dedication motivated me to ensure that everyone had an opportunity to be
helped and have access to the necessary medication. The second instance was when a friend
of mine had asthma complications and the prescribed inhaler was not available in her local
pharmacy. Without a hesitation, my aunt reached out to the Ministry of Health to get the
necessary inhaler for my friend and other people in similar situations. These instances showed
me the value of a pharmacist and the significant role they play in positively impacting people’s
lives. For these reasons, I decided to be a part of my aunt’s mission in society by aiding those
in-need to improve their health.
As a child in Iraq, I knew that I wanted to be a pharmacist. My aunt, being a pharmacist,
played an integral part in the community, especially in times of war. She inspired me to become
like her one day. My parents knew of my passion but pushed me to become a physician like
them. I persisted against my parents advise, against war, and against starting over in a foreign
country. My perseverance has led to applying for pharmacy school and achieving my dream of
not only becoming a pharmacist, but also being an integral part of my community.
My aunt was the pivotal inspiration for my decision in pursuing a career in the pharmacy
field. She gave me the opportunity to work with her as her assistant and it was during this time
that my passion for the pharmaceutical field was born. Being exposed to these two situations in
which medical help was urgently needed outweighed other careers that I previously had
My interest in the pursuing a career as a pharmacist motivated me to enroll in the pharmacy
technician course at San Diego State University where I learned the origins, composition,
development, manufacturing, and mechanisms through which drugs become approved.
To further my understanding of pharmacy specific concepts, I enrolled in biology and
chemistry coursework at Cuyamaca College. These courses led me to develop a greater
understanding and passion for the scientific underpinnings of the discipline. Working as a
biology tutor at this time also enabled me to further my understanding of these subjects while
helping other students.
In addition to coursework, I have also gained professional work experience in the field
through working as a pharmacy technician at Nudo’s Pharmacy and participating in the
University of California San Diego Pre-Pharmacy Society. We had weekly meetings that
informed us about current events in the world of pharmacy, gain pharmacy-related knowledge
and experience through mentorship programs and volunteer events. Overall, my education, past
experiences, and love for people have given me a solid foundation in the pharmacy field and the
aspiration to become a successful pharmacist.
The academic and professional opportunities I have had in the field of pharmacy have
propelled me to further enrich my knowledge and grow in this field. Earning a Doctor of
Pharmacy Degree will be a crucial step in achieving my long-term career goal of establishing a
non-profit organization that will provided needed medications to children in underserved
communities. I hope this will make a positive impact on the community in the same way my aunt
impacted those in need in Iraq. My ambition and willingness to succeed will undoubtedly make
me a worthy candidate and indispensable addition to the pharmaceutical community.

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