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160.Follow the instructions to write 5pages essayAPA is required All the work must be original Turn it in report is re

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Grief, Loss & Bereavement midterm+ 4-5 pages+ 4.16 due
Assignment requirement: 4-5 pages. No cover pages, no citations.
Write a letter to a friend in first person, explaining your experience with a fictional
loss of any kind in your life. It can be recent or distant, and please don’t use a loss you
have actually experienced. Discuss your feelings about it, how it has manifested and
affected your life in all dimensions, how it impacts your worldview, relationships,
self-esteem, feelings about the future and other losses. Discuss how your subject’s
culture (again, please use one that isn’t yours) has impacted your experience of grief
and help-seeking. Full points given for empathic, insightful, spell-checked writing.
Reading your paper, I want to know that you get where the suffering is.

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